12th December 2016

How To Talk To People About God

How to Talk to people about God


This series will give you some simple, fun ways to talk to others about Jesus.


What would you say is your biggest hurdle in talking to someone about God?


Maybe you’re a little nervous about how they’ll respond. What if they push back? What if they ask some really tough (and legitimate) question?



How do you *know* God exists?

How do you explain all the suffering in the world?

I’ve prayed. God doesn’t answer MY prayers.

Why does it have to be Jesus, and not Buddha or Allah?

If you encounter difficult questions don’t hesitate to contact me at 0824527155 or johnmnel@mweb.co.zaI’d like you to consider it as your safety net. When you have to answer those hard questions, the answers are well-researched , always with reference to the Word.

Even in the presence of unbelievers, when you quote from the Bible not many can or will question the authority of your answers.


It helps someone understand who God is and what it might be like to know him.


This means that you can now freely start a conversation and not worry about what the person might ask.


In the next lesson …how squeaky-clean does your lifestyle need to be, before you can talk to others about God?


Someone once asked me this question:


“How do I tell someone about Jesus, without sounding like a psycho?”


I laughed for a while, because I loved how he worded that. That IS a great question, isn’t it?


We want others to know God…to know his love, to be changed by his kindness and power, to have eternal life with God.


But, how do we do that?


Dr. Bill Bright was someone whose whole life was focused on helping others come to know Jesus. He used to say:


Our job is to simply tell others about Jesus, as we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, and leave the results to God.


We don’t convince anyone. God already wants a relationship with them.


So, what’s our role?


I love this verse from the New Testament:


And I pray that the sharing of your faith may promote the knowledge of all the good that is ours in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Philemon v 6,)


How exactly do we go about that…again, without sounding like a psycho?!


The next lesson will be “How to Talk to people about God.”


We get to share our faith in God. We get to tell people about all the *good* that comes from a relationship with Christ Jesus our Lord . And to help someone understand it.

This series will help you. It will give you ideas that have been used by many, leading thousands (literally) to begin a relationship with Jesus.

I honestly think that through this, you’ll discover an exciting, new dimension in your relationship with God.


Many people will likely begin a relationship with Jesus, as a result of your efforts. (I’ve seen it happen many time!)


“How to Talk to people about God” gives you:


   — ways to have a comfortable, brief conversation about God.

   — creative, easy ideas to use .

   — help in answering those difficult, spiritual questions.

   — how to help someone begin a relationship with God.

   — ways that you could reach others.








How to Talk about God – 2


I asked someone if he had ever shared the gospel with our friend, Mike.

His reply:


“Oh, yeah, like I’m a shining example of a Christian.”


It caught me off guard. What do you think?


Do we need to be the “perfect” Christian in order to tell someone else about Jesus?


I thought of the Pharisees. They WERE the morally shining example. They followed God’s commands fully. Went to temple every Sabbbath.


Even made up some of their own rules, just to be extra, squeaky clean.


Yet, Jesus called them blind guides. He said when the Pharisees made a convert, they made them “twice the child of hell” as themselves (twice as evil – Matthew 23:15).


Then I thought of the woman at the well (in John 4). She was almost the polar opposite. She was married five times and currently living with a sixth guy. Though her lifestyle hadn’t changed at all yet, she led her entire town to believe in Jesus.


What’s the difference?


She knew who Jesus was. The Pharisees didn’t.


She didn’t know a lot about Jesus, but she knew enough. She knew who he was. And she told others, because she wanted them to know him also.


Do you want others to know Jesus?


Here’s an easy way to tell them something about God. Please click on this link:

A Comfortable Way to Talk about God

How can you talk to someone about God– where you BOTH feel comfortable about it? And, where the conversation typically ends with them thanking you? Read on.

1. A guy was in my house fixing my computer. When he was done, we had this conversation:

Me:  “I noticed that you’re wearing a Saint Christopher medal.”

Computer Guy:  “Oh yeah, I have to. I travel so much.”

Me:  “Yeah, I understand that. Could I recommend to you that maybe you go over the head of St. Christopher to someone higher up, to God? Because God cares about you. He also wants to help you, and to guide your life, and take care of you. Maybe no one has ever shared with you how you could have this kind of relationship with God. May I give you this card? It has a Website that will explain how you can know God in this way.” (I give him a business card with EveryStudent.com on it.)

Computer Guy:  “Wow. Thanks so much. I will definitely look at this tonight. That’s so kind of you. I will definitely look at this. Thanks again.”

2. On a flight, the girl next to me opened an enormous, hardbound book of Horoscopes. She took the book, nearly put it in my lap, and started this conversation:

Astrology Girl:  “Which sign are you?”

Me:  “Well, I’m a cancer.” (She immediately flipped to that page and we started reading together.)

Me:  “Ok, yes this is true of me, and this, and this. Oh gee, not this one at all. You know, here’s the thing about this. Some of this fits and some doesn’t. But when it comes to my life, I want something I can fully count on, all the time. God knows me completely, because he created me. He knows everything that’s true about me. And even better, he offers to guide me in life. He offers to guide anyone who will begin a relationship with him. He gives insights and his wisdom for some major areas of our lives. AND he’s fully reliable. Here’s a Website that explains how you can have a relationship with God like that.” I write down, EveryStudent.com.

Astrology Girl:  “Thanks very much. I really appreciate that. I’ll take a look at it.”

3. I was standing outside Walmart when a guy pulled up in a car. His bumper sticker read: “Born Again Pagan.” We had a brief conversation.

Me:  “Excuse me. I just have to ask you about your bumper sticker.”

Bumper Sticker Guy:  “Oh yeah. Greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Me:  “You mean worshipping the god of wind, fire, rain, etc. Right?”

Bumper Sticker Guy:  “Yeah. My brother turned me on to it. It’s changed my life!”

Me:  “Well, I don’t know a lot about paganism, but I used to be an atheist. And I studied existential philosophers like Nietzsche, Sartre, etc. And then a friend told me how I could know the God who created the universe. And when I asked Jesus into my life, my search ended.”

Bumper Sticker Guy:  “That’s me. I’m searching.”

Me:  “Ok. Let me have your email address, and tonight I’ll send you a link that I think will be really helpful to you. You’ll have my email address then, and we can keep talking.”

Bumper Sticker Guy:  “That’d be great. Thanks very much!”

Here’s what you do…

  • You notice something about their need.
  • Ask God to give you a genuine love for them.
  • Briefly tell them something you’ve found to be true about God. Maybe ask them some questions.
  • Encourage them to visit EveryStudent.com. Write the URL down for them, or ask for their email address so you could send it to them.
  • A good idea…

    In your time with God, ask God to show you in Scripture three things that are true of God. Then write down (on paper or computer) what God says about himself. Just a few sentences on each:

    1. This is true of God….2. This is also true of God…3. And this…

    Megan Zimmermann said:

    A lot of my friends know I’m a Christian and we do talk about it. One of my friends is an Atheist you could say. His belief is that he doesn’t believe in anything. We actually were just talking about this last night. There were things I wanted to talk to him about, things I really wanted to ask him about what he wanted, what he was looking for. But there were so many other people around. There are ALWAYS people around and he’s one of those guys who isn’t going to open up, never mind when there’s a bunch of people around! It’s just so frustrating! I could really use some prayer power here. Pray for him and for me so I don’t give up on him. This definitely helped! Thanks 🙂

    (Dec 10, 2010) Jaime Alberto C. Gaisano said:

    This is really wonderful and inspiring! 😀 Sometimes I tend to just respect what others believe in and I do want them to discover for themselves the greatness of directly believing in God for everything. Now, after reading this, I feel sharing my love for Jesus Christ that they may find rest, greatness, righteousness and wonders through the Son of God. 🙂 Thank you very much for this one! 🙂 God Bless Us All and may the Holy Spirit work upon us! 😀


    Take your time with this one.


    Next lesson – an easy way to go through Scripture and explain the gospel to someone.


    This week, see if God brings someone your way!




    How to Talk about God – 3


    What if someone asked you how they could know God? What would you tell them?


    Someone actually asked me once.


    I will never forget how utterly stumped I was. I was getting back to my dorm, maybe two in the morning, when a good friend named Cindy met me in the hallway. And with real intensity she said:


    “I’ve been looking for you all night. Where have you been?! I want to become a Christian. What do I do?”


    Given who this was, I was shocked. Then I realized that I had no idea what to tell her.


    I had become a Christian only a few months earlier. I knew that I simply asked Jesus into my life. So, I reasoned, “Well, I think we should pray.”

    So with her, I prayed out loud, asking Jesus to come into her life.


    It was the best I could think of.


    Three years later, a sorority sister had a particularly bad episode with the drug, LSD.


    The next morning she said to me, “I want to become a Christian.”


    By this time I had learned how to explain the gospel to someone, with Scripture. (That’s what I’m about to show you. I’m going to give you what I covered with her.)


    After going through this information with her, I then asked her, “Would you like to invite Jesus into your life?”


    She answered with a question – “Will I have to read the Bible?”


    I said, “Well, no. You can receive Jesus into your life without promising to read the Bible.” She said, “ok.”


    Then she prayed out loud, asking Jesus to come into her life. As soon as she was done praying, her next statement was, “We have an hour before dinner. I’m going to go to the church next door and read the Bible for a while.”


    You just never know.


    A few weeks later, her best friend, Michelle, said to me, “I think it’s great what’s happened to Susie. But this isn’t for me.”


    I asked her, “You and Susie are best friends. Do you think God would want a relationship with her, and not with you?” Michelle also became a Christian.


    You might not ever have someone directly ask you how they can become a Christian.


    But they might say, “I really need to change my life.” Or, “I’d like to find God.” Or, “I wish my life was different.”


    At that point, I often will ask people, “Has anyone ever told you how you can have a relationship with God?”


    This is what I use, and recommend that you do also:


    You can print it out (click on the “PDF version” right above the photo on the page). Read it with them. Or email them the same link.


    Talk to you soon,


    How to Talk about God – 4Hi JohnToday, I have a gift for you!I’m offering you, your own, personal page on EveryStudent.com.It’s free. It’s a page where you can say something about yourrelationship with God.You can say as much, or as little as you’d like to.Your page won’t be visible to everyone who comes to the site. However,you will have your own Web address, that you can share with others.Here is an example of mine: http://www.everystudent.com/mypage/marilynLook at the address in my example. You will choose the wordthat goes at the end: http://www.everystudent.com/mypage/_________.(It doesn’t need to be your name. Pick any word.)That will become your personal Web address. And, you can edit your pageany time you want.You might want to first type out on a Word document, what you want tosay. Then when you’re ready, just copy and paste that into your pageon EveryStudent.com.In a minute, I’ll give you the special link to create your page. Butfirst, let’s talk about what to say.You could say something about why you’re glad that you know God.And/or maybe share Scripture that means a lot to you. Keep it short.If you want to share your personal story of how Jesus has changedyour life, I recommend this order:    1. briefly describe your life before knowing God    2. describe how you heard about God and how you received Christ    3. describe what your life is like now that you know himRemember that you’re talking to people who might not yet know Jesus.Ok…when you’re ready to copy your Word document onto your ownpage, here is the special link you go to:


    How to Talk about God – 5Hi JohnWe’ve covered a LOT of ground so far. How are you doing? Have youbeen able to try a couple of things?Today’s email is easy and fun. Won’t require much mental work. Whew.This will give you a way to help bring the gospel to your friends onFacebook, but in somewhat of a passive way.First, I’ve got to share with you a wacky illustration from a friendof mine. You will never forget this.Brace yourself.My friend said, you need to realize that when we are talking topeople about Jesus, we are talking to people who are spiritually“dead.”Ephesians 2:1 says,     “As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins,     in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this     world…”Ephesians 2:4 continues…     “But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in     mercy, made us alive with Christ…”So, we are talking with people who are spiritually dead, and onlyGod can make them come alive.My friend said…“It’s like us walking into a morgue, with dead bodieslaying there. And we come in with Dunkin’ Donuts. And we lay a Dunkin’Donut next to each head of each corpse. (gross, I know)Can we make them come alive and eat that donut? No.Only God can make them come alive. He is the one who opens theireyes, speaks to their hearts, and draws them to himself.Our job? Offer some donuts.”Today, I’m going to show you how you can do this using EveryStudent.com.Every page on the site (whether an article or video) either helpssomeone understand who God is or what it might be like to know God.Somewhere between 250-400 people each day tell us they asked Jesusinto their lives, while on EveryStudent.com. It’s a way to offerthem a life-giving message.The following explains how you can offer an article or video fromEveryStudent.com, and place it there, on your Facebook page:http://everystudent.info/fb/facebook.htmlHave at it!By the way, I just want to add…I am so proud of you for wantingothers to know Jesus, and taking the time to do something about it!I just wanted to tell you that.If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, here:http://www.everystudent.com/contact.phpNext email…some easy statements you can make on Twitter or in yourFacebook profile status.Proud of you!


    How to Talk about God – 6



    Hi JohnMy favorite verse: Philemon verse 6 (rsv)     “And I pray that the sharing of your faith may promote     the knowledge of all the good that is ours in Christ     Jesus our Lord.”How’s that for a great assignment? As you share your faith, you helppeople know all the good that is ours in Christ Jesus our Lord.In Matthew 13, Jesus tells the parable of the farmer who sowed someseed broadly. He just threw it out there. He didn’t make sure it landedonly on the good soil. It was ok with him if some landed on rocks. Ordry ground. Or in a pile of thorns. His job was to sow the seed.In the same way, we don’t really know what’s in a person’s heart.When I was an atheist, I didn’t appear interested in God. But I was.And I’m glad my friend was willing to keep talking to me about God, evenon those days when I seemed hard as rock.The following is a way we can sow the gospel broadly…just like inadvertising. We throw it out there. And let God use it as he will.I’m going to give you a few statements that you could occasionallypost in your Twitter or Facebook status box.Pick one from this list, and give it a try:Feel free to change the wording to whatever is comfortable for you.Just make sure you include the hyperlink.Next email…I’m still flipping coins between a couple of ideas. Goodones! I just haven’t decided which one first. Stay tuned.


    How to Talk about God – 7Hi JohnWhen you’re trying to help someone begin a relationship with God,there is a very fun way to cheat!Let God speak for himself.By that I mean, how about if you ask your friend, or a group offriends, to join you in an online study of the Gospel of John?You can each go through it on your own, then get together and talkabout it. Or, just set a time to chat about it on IM.(Facebook lets you create a group, and you can do group chat there,or on Gchat.)This study in the Gospel of John is written so that anyone couldfollow it. Very down-to-earth. Written for someone who knows zipabout the Bible.Could be extremely fun. I hope you give it a try!Thanks




    How to Talk about God – 8Hi JohnLet me start with a field report that came in last week, from aChristian leader on campus: (name changed) She writes…I went through the Knowing God Personally booklet with astudent named Cori. We spent about 45 minutes discussing andclarifying the gospel.Cori said this was the best news she had heard and felt thather heart was ready to accept Jesus. “But, if I accept Jesus, thatmeans that I am not Buddhist anymore.”      So she is still deciding. Pray for Cori!What is missing in this report? This Christian leader went throughthe gospel. Even spent 45 minutes answering questions andclarifying the issue.Cori thought it sounded great. But she was hesitant.“Pray for Cori” is absolutely right to do. And this Christianleader did a great job.But what else? What could this leader have done for Cori?She could have served her further, by saying:“Cori, I understand that this is an important decision.There is a great Website that you can go to, that will be veryhelpful to you. EveryStudent.com. It answers questions about Jesus, about what it’s like to knowhim.    I’m going to write the URL on the back of this booklet for you.You’ll find it very encouraging. And, here’s my email address also.[or phone #].    Could I have yours also? Would it be ok with you if I contactyou in a few days, after you’ve had a chance to look at thesite?”Think of all the students we talk to. Where is Cori likely to gofor further information? Chances are, it will be to the Internet.That night!At the end of a conversation, we can serve an unbeliever more, byletting them know about EveryStudent.com. All that takes is 30 moreseconds, and zero money.And, it might help them make the decision you are praying for!Next email will be about using the Internet to help atheists.


    How to Talk about God – 9Hi JohnToday I’m going to give you another way to use the Internet that iseasy. And costs nothing. And has led many, (LOTS) of students toChrist!This newsletter is about Atheists.In Asia and India, atheists might be described as students who donot believe in one supreme God, creator of all.In Western Europe they might be the students who appear mostapathetic.In the U.S., these are the students most on the offensive. They geta real kick out of being arrogant and demeaning. It’s nearly becomea competitive sport. “Read my blog today…see what I did to thosestupid Christians.” But, there is a lot going on in their hearts and minds that theyare not telling you…I remember debating my Christian friend when I was an atheist. Shedidn’t know this. But after winning the argument, I’d walk awaythinking,“She believes everything she was saying. And I’m not sure that Ibelieve anything I just said. I just wanted to win theargument.”Christians have a real edge — authenticity.Now, to be fair, many atheists actually want to believe in God, ifthey had good reasons to. They just don’t want to be fooled intobelieving.So how do we share Christ with an atheist? Matthew 10:16 is veryfitting. Jesus said, “I am sending you out as sheep in the midst ofwolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Be innocent. (Be loving and respectful.) And also be wise asserpents. Some versions say be “shrewd.”Here’s the challenge. Who has time to become proficient inatheistic debate? Do you? Do student leaders have time to researchand grapple with the kinds of questions atheists love to throw atChristians?On the spot, in 10 minutes or less, what persuasive concepts canyou bring up?That’s the great thing about the Internet! The hard work is doneand available! You don’t necessarily need to go find a book. Goodmessages written to atheists are available on the Web, hopefullyconveyed in a quick, clear way. You might know several Websites youcould use.On EveryStudent.com, there are a bunch of articles just for thesestudents. They were written in light of what atheistic studentshave emailed us about or posted on their blogs!When an atheist asks, “How can you believe in God?” You can say afew things in the minutes you have. And then pull out your heavyartillery…Encourage your friend to sign up for “The Spiritual AdventurePack.”It is a 7-email series, specifically written for atheists and thosewho wonder about God. It’s available on www.EveryStudent.com, in theright-hand margin. (Look for the photo of the guy in the mountains,with the backpack.)Or, just email them this link: http://www.everystudent.com/pack.htmlSo, with those who don’t believe in God’s existence, you can drudgethrough the research on your own. Or take advantage of the time andeffort already put into these. Jesus sends us out as sheep amongwolves. But we can be wise! When I was an atheist, there was nothing more mysterious to me than this: “Having faith in God.”

    I wondered, how does a rational person even begin to believe in God? Maybe you’ve wondered the same. I discovered a few compelling answers.

    – how does someone arrive at faith?– doubts, can anyone be 100% sure?– the logical and scientific evidence for God.– the damaging evidence against God.– can someone personally experience God’s love?



    How to Talk about God – 10Hi JohnToday’s newsletter is at the very heart of our mission…helpingsomeone come to Christ.Have you ever hosted a special speaker? Or brought in some kind ofspecial presentation? It is a lot of work organizing these, isn’tit?You have to find a room, get the right sound system in place,promote the event, encourage students to tell their friends, andmore…You devote a lot of time to this. And hopefully, it is well worthit. So now, picture your speaker finishing his or her message. Commentcards have been filled out. You are about to end.However, some students in your audience still have important,unanswered questions.It might be new questions that came to mind.Or lingering questions they have always had about God, that theywished someone would answer! There might be just one question thatis holding them back from receiving Christ.And, at this moment, God has their attention. Hopefully these students filled out a comment card. But…are theygoing to wait a few days until an appointment gets set up andsomeone meets with them? Will they still be motivated? Maybe.But maybe not. It is easy to move on. Easy to get caught up inother aspects of life, and studies, and parties. Those questionscan lose their importance.So here’s what you do. At the very end, have the speaker say:“You might want to explore your questions about God further. Mayberight away. If so, there is a great Website you can go to,EveryStudent.com.      On your way out, someone will hand you a card with the URL on it.       You might want to look at it tonight. And if you have a specificquestion, you can send an email and someone will personally emailyou back with an answer.”~~~Imagine the number of students who might come to Christ by simplyadding that 30 second announcement to your event. Many studentswill take you up on your offer that evening, and be very thankfulfor knowing where to turn for answers right away.Your time and effort bringing the speaker has now paid off double.You have given these students a valuable next step. AND at the righttime. When it’s on their heart and mind. You have given themanother opportunity to move toward Christ. With very little effort.At the end of your live events, point students to the Internet.You can get the EveryStudent.com cards here:http://www.everystudent.info/campaigns/19-webpromo/business.html(In the States? The cards are free – you only pay shipping.)To more powerful speaking events!Next email…how to help make Jesus and the gospel more “findable.”


    How to Talk about God – 11Hi JohnToday’s newsletter will be about how to reach lots of  people on yourcampus or in your city.Sixty years ago, there was a business in the U.S. that soldbrushes. Hair brushes, dusting brushes, scrubbing brushes.Here’s what they did to bring their products to their customers.Sales people would lug around back-breaking, leather sample cases,filled with brushes. Every day they’d walk neighborhood sidewalks,up to a home, away from a home. Home-by-home, they’d knock on frontdoors. Hoping to be granted five minutes to deliver their salesmessage, and sell a brush or two.It was sales people bringing their product to the customer.Then shopping malls became popular. People no longer wanted salespeople knocking on their door. They would rather go to the mall andfind it themselves. They could shop when they wanted, and avoid theawkward pressure of having to respond to a sales person who came totheir home.Businesses had to change their focus. Now they had to make surethey created a great store in the mall. Though they still neededsales people, they focused on counter displays, colors, andfostering an inviting sales environment. Customers would be drawninto the store, with freedom to look on their own.In the last ten years, because of the Internet, businesses had toshift once again. Sales people and the store environment mightstill be important, but it became clear, the business is sunk ifthey don’t have a Website.They must be easily found on the Internet. At whatever moment acustomer might have a need or be interested in products like theirs.Whenever the person sits down and begin searching…their product hadbetter show up.The new goal: Make sure your product is easily “Findable” on theInternet.What does this mean for us?Of all customers, students are most comfortable finding what theywant on the Internet. It is the FIRST place they turn to if theywant to know something or need anything.Every day, think of the effort you put in, trying to meet studentswho might give you an opening to share the gospel with them. Thinkof the expense and work involved in hosting special evangelisticevents.There must be days you FEEL like you’re lugging around a samplecase of brushes, with that nagging thought, “There must be aneasier way.”There is. On the Internet, thousands will come to you. You justhave to give them the opportunity.Just make your message “findable.”So here’s what you do.I’m going to give you a link to about 30 Facebook ads that you canhave.You can make your ads appear only to college students, on YOUR campus,or in your city. You don’t even pay for your ad to be shown. Youonly pay when a student clicks on your ad, landing on a specificarticle on the site. (No wasted money!)On campuses in Chicago, Ray reached 70 students on his campus for $20.Emily reached 86 students for $33. And Becca reached 132 students onher campus for $39.Here are the ads: http://www.everystudent.info/fb/facebookads.htmlAnd this explains how to place them on Facebook for your campus orcity: http://www.everystudent.info/fb/fbhow.htmlThis is an easy way for students to find your message…to findreasons to believe in Jesus and give their life to Him, wheneverthey are searching. Make it findable.


    How to Talk about God – 12Hi JohnI hope you are finding these newsletters useful.Thanks for your heart in wanting others to know God…and wanting tosee God use your life in special ways.Today’s email is simple. But a little daring. This is where youactually talk with people face-to-face. Live.It’s fun if you and a few friends venture out together on this.Here’s how it goes.You simply hand someone a sheet of paper that has a listing ofarticle titles on it.And you simply say, “Hi. We are offering people a free article. I amwondering if any of these articles would interest you?”And you hand them the sheet of paper.I personally have tried this. It leads to some interesting conversations.No one was offended. And it’s a fun way to step out in faith, askingGod to lead you to certain people.Next email will be some ways you can help new believers!



    How to Talk about God – 13Hi JohnRecently, at a weekly meeting at a university in the U.S., 70students indicated they asked Jesus into their lives!I’m sure that staff and student leaders started setting up personalappointments with these students. Maybe some could meet in the nextfew days (hopefully).But wouldn’t it be great to give each new believer THAT eveningassurance of their salvation?How?They could say, “Tonight, go to StartingwithGod.com. Make sure yousign up for *The Spiritual Starter Kit* offered on the home page.”Five minutes later, they would receive a message letting them knowwhy they could be sure that Jesus really came into their life.The next day they would be led to an easy Bible study on how God wasinvolved in drawing them to himself.A couple of days after that, they would find out why he won’t leavethem – ever. The series contains 7 followup messages.Only those who ask for it receive it.We are seeing about 250 new believers every week, sign up for it.Here are some comments from those who have received it:“I have enjoyed receiving each and every email from you. I eagerlyawait anything further you send my way. I know these steps are likethat of a baby that I am taking now, but God is real I know it withall my heart and He is directing my life now and I am so thankful.I love Him so much.”“Thank you so very much. With your help my relationship with Jesusis wonderful. I knew I was “saved,” but that happened many yearsago but I did not understand about “relationship,” with him. Now, Iam beginning to understand and I welcome all the information I canget. [These] are wonderful,please, keep the e-mails coming to meuntil you run out of things to send.”“Thank you very much for this Spiritual Starter I received. It isamazing! I can’t explain to you how happy I am. There is no doubt,Jesus I welcomed in my heart is tryring to show me great things Inever saw before. Keep praying for me so that I continue to knowHim better.”At the end of the 7-part series, we offer them another series, stillfocused on helping them grow in their new relationship with Jesus.As you help lead someone to Christ, encourage them to go toStartingwithGod.com, and sign up. It will speed them along, andgive you a boost in your first meeting with them.The very day a student receives Christ, they can begin growing.They already have the messages on their computer. You just need to tellthem where: http://www.StartingwithGod.com To your success!


    How to Talk about God – 14Hi JohnThis one is a refresher for YOU.It is so easy for Christians to take on the responsibility of,“Now I’m going to be a good Christian, not sin, read the Bible,lead others to Christ, and avoid temptation.” And we ALL knowwhat happens then….discouragement and confusion.You might have learned how to be led by the Spirit, how towalk in faith.But sometimes it takes hearing this more than once, and in morethan one way. I personally understood the Spirit-filled lifebest when I understood being under God’s grace.Here is a 5-part email series you can go through yourself. And,feel free to offer  it to other Christians.http://www.everystudent.com/skipstress.htmlThis gives you an easy way to explain the Spirit-filled life toothers. Nothing to buy. Just give them the link

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