12th December 2016

In Times Of Trials

In Times of Trials.Thee are devastating times in our lives that stretch everything we know and believe. We are in pain, at times physically, at other times emotionally, and sometimes both. Some of these seasons last much longer than a few days, and the physical strain can take a terrible toll on our emotions. Conversely—when we are continuously despondent and disheartened, our bodies can suffer as well. Frustrations and setbacks bombard us at an alarming rate, undermining our every confidence. Just when we think we will get better, more bad news hits us.

The enemy is doing his best to make us question whether God really loves us, bringing up old sins, faults, and mistakes that have already been forgiven, and insinuating they disqualify us from the God’s blessings.

If we will view each difficulty and challenge that comes to us as an opportunity to learn more about God, draw closer to Him in loving fellowship and be cleansed from our bondage to sun.

When we struggle with despair, experience loss, or fail at something important, we evaluateour painful feelings to our own sense of worth. We believe that we do not deserve acceptance or anything good, and it is difficult to break out of those beliefs that are so intrinsically linked to our identity.We must accept the reality that how we view our self is not who we really are. Our perception is incorrect. Rather the one who truly understand our potential and worth is God, who accepts us, promises to love us unconditionally and enables us to do all He calls us to do.Psalm 30:5 “For His anger is but for a moment, His favour is for a lifetime, Weeping may last for the night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning.”

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