12th December 2016

The Spiritual Starter 5

“The Spiritual Starter Kit” Lesson # 5

The value of other believers


Hi Mel


Have you ever spent time with a marathon runner? (Maybe you’re

one!) Did you ever know a serious runner who didn’t train with other runners?


Rarely happens. Why?


They need the motivation. Accountability. They need someone who expects them to show up at 5:30 in the morning. Someone they can run with, who will challenge their speed and distance.


Guess what? We need others around us who know Jesus. Who want God to influence their lives.


In case you’re thinking I’m about to advocate “sign up with X group” – that’s not going to happen.


I’m talking about the value of being around ANYONE who believes in Jesus and seeks to follow him.


Other Christians inspire me. They often challenge me, just by their example, by the way they trust God. And I get to benefit from what God teaches them.


And, I have found that Christians, for the most part, love others pretty well. The Bible says, “God has poured out his love into our hearts…” I deeply value those friendships. I think you will too.


So, how do you find other believers?


Here’s a link with some churches that are probably pretty good:


Helpful Resources

Find a Christian Church

Find a Christian Group on Campus

Look up things in the Bible, Online

Purchase a Bible

You can purchase a Bible from a local Christian bookstore or any general bookstore. It doesn’t really matter which translation you choose, but as a help, we would recommend any of the following :

  • ESV – English Standard Version
  • NAS – New American Standard
  • NIV – New International Version
  • RSV – Revised Standard Version
  • There are many good Christian organizations . And many good churches.


    (There are some very weird ones out there also. Just to be honest.)


    Ask God to guide you. And choose a church or Christian group that’s easy to get to, and feels comfortable to you.


    There you’ll find other new believers, as well as believes who have been walking with Jesus for a longer period of time.


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