Atheism Definitions & Dictionary for Atheists Dictionary of essential definitions, terms, concepts, and ideas for atheists. There are many philosophical terms to define in order to best understand atheism and atheists. Collected in this dictionary are many of the key definitions for atheists and atheism. Anti-Clericalism…Anti-clericalism is a historical or contemporary movement that is opposed […]

“What is atheism?”……Answer: Atheism is the view that God does not exist. Atheism is not a new development. Psalm 14:1, written by David around 1000 B.C., mentions atheism: "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.'" Recent statistics show an increasing number of people claiming to be atheists, up to 10 percent of […]

Where is The Historical Evidence for Atheism?……By Robin Schumacher……What does the atheist do with Jesus of Nazareth? ……Some atheists, right from the start, try to inject doubt into this topic by either overtly claiming or subtly hinting that there actually was no historical Jesus of Nazareth. For example, Bertrand Russell wrote: "Historically it is quite […]

“What is atheism?”… Atheists Claims that God does not exist-an improvable position. They don't believe that the evidence for God is conclusive and some believe that there is evidence against the existence of God …Atheism is not a new development. Psalm 14:1; written by David around 1000 B.C., mentions atheism: "The fool says in his […]

Evidence for Christianity? Where is the Evidence for Atheism?……By Robin Schumacher……Christians hear it all the time in one form or another from atheists and skeptics. It's heard on Internet forums, at the recent Reason Rally held in D.C., and in personal one-on-one debates that center on the existence of God. ……"Show me the evidence!" says […]

Strong Atheism Definition: Strong atheism is defined either as the general position that denies the existence of any gods or the limited position that denies the existence of some specific god (but not necessarily others). The first definition is the most common and what most people understand as the definition of strong atheism. The second […]