Freemasonry, The Illuminati And The Ecumenical Movement (Adam Weishaupt) Prologue This article was partly composed, after I found myself in correspondence with the editor of the English Churchman, seeking their position on Freemasonry and the Orange Order. I was invited to submit a 400-word letter to them, explaining why I found the Lodge incompatible with […]

CAN A CHRISTIAN BE A FREEMASON? (An Anglican Masonic Chaplain) This is one of those frequently asked questions that regularly gets an airing either on Christian radio or in church circles. Another question asked is freemasonry Christian? So I must answer an emphatic NO to both questions, and also ponder the wider question, why would […]

“What is Free Masonry and what do Free Masons believe?” Please note – by this article, we are not claiming that all who are involved in Freemasonry are cultists, or that all Freemasons believe all the items mentioned below. What we are saying is this – Freemasonry at its core is not a Christian organization. […]

“What is the Job's Daughters program?”……The International Order of Job’s Daughters was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1920 by Mrs. Ethel T. Wead Mick. Mrs. Mick along with the assistance of her husband, Dr. William H. Mick, and other workers founded the Order in honor and memory of her mother. After gaining consent from J. […]

The Dangerous Structure of Freemasonry (The Duke of Kent leads a celebration for the 275th anniversary of the Grand Lodge) Worldwide freemasonry can be viewed like two sets of ascending stairs that begin and end together. Any eager young man that takes his first hesitant steps into the unknown world of freemasonry starts his journey […]

Masonic Streets in Washington “When the Freemasons and occultists designed WashingtonD.C., they incorporated their masonic symbols into the streets of the city….I showed this map to a leading Mason, who replied: ‘It must have happened by accident.’ Of interest is the fact that the goat’s horns fit into the two top areas of the pentagram, […]