Authority of the Bible – A Strong Argument for Christianity . There are many books today that claim to be the Word of God. The Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, The Book of Mormon, and other religious works all claim to be divinely inspired. The Bible claims to be the only book that is divinely inspired […]

History of the Bible – Who wrote the Bible? The Bible was written over a span of 1500 years, by 40 authors. Unlike other religious writings, the Bible reads as a factual news account of real events, places, people, and dialogue. Historians and archaeologists have repeatedly confirmed its authenticity. Using the authors’ own writing styles […]

“How do I know the Bible is not just mythology?”……That the Bible originated in the mind of God makes it not only unique among all books, it is unique among all the treasures on earth. President Abraham Lincoln appropriately referred to the Bible as "the best gift God has given to man." Indeed it is. […]

A comparison of the New Testament to other ancient writings… Here is how the New Testament compares to other ancient writings*: Author Book Date…Written Earliest…Copies Time Gap # of…Copies Homer Iliad 800 B.C. c. 400 B.C. c. 400 yrs. 643 Herodotus History 480-425 B.C. c. A.D. 900 c. 1,350 yrs. 8 Thucydides History 460-400 B.C. […]

“What are redaction criticism and higher criticism?”……Redaction criticism and higher criticism are just a few of many forms of biblical criticism. Their intent is to investigate the Scriptures and make judgments concerning their authorship, historicity, and date of writing. Sadly, most of these methods end up attempting to destroy the text of the Bible.……Biblical criticism […]

“What is form criticism?”……Form criticism is a field of biblical studies that sees the Bible as a collection of traditional stories and sayings (or "units"), which were circulated orally and eventually strung together and preserved in writing. Form criticism attempts to determine literary patterns in Scripture, isolate units of text, and trace each unit to […]

“Why is sola gratia important?”……Answer: Sola gratia is important because it is one of the distinguishing characteristics or key points that separate the true biblical Gospel from false gospels that cannot save. As one of the five solas that came to define the key issues of the Protestant Reformation, this doctrine is as important today […]