6: Unbelievers in the pews By Robin Schumacher……So what is the way to defeat what I believe is the unbelievers’ best argument against Christianity? I think there are a number of things that must be addressed before this issue can be put to rest.……First, I’m convinced that the modern day Church is pregnant with unbelievers. […]

7: Being different is the best defense By Robin Schumacher… In my previous few posts I’ve been discussing the arguments against Christianity. What it comes down to is that our lives as Christians are often the best arguments against Christianity.……One of my favorite Christian speakers/teachers is Michael Ramsden who heads up the European arm of […]

Part 1: The best arguments and how to refute them By Robin Schumacher……What is the best argument against Christianity?……Strange as it may sound, one of my seminary professors makes a habit out of reading atheist literature during his devotional times. That might seem a little odd, but actually it’s a very smart practice. “The good […]

Part 2: Some depressing Christian statistics By Robin Schumacher……When we look at Christian statistics ├ö├ç├┤ especially regarding the way the church is seen by the world ├ö├ç├┤ the results are enlightening.……There are those that argue that Christianity has an image problem where today’s Postmodernist culture is concerned. Whether the perceived image problem is justified or […]

4: The bad business ethics of Christian ministry …By Robin Schumacher……You would think that a Christian ministry would be more ethical than secular businesses. Sadly, that is sometimes not the case.……This issue has confronted me time and again throughout my Christian walk, both in big and small ways, and where I’ve either been the offender […]

5: The marks of true christianity By Robin Schumacher……True Christianity leaves marks ├ö├ç├┤ evidence of its presence in the soul. And the people of the world notice when it isn’t there.……Mark Gauthier, national director in the United States for Campus Crusade for Christ, argues that today’s unbeliever oftentimes decides whether to accept a teaching not […]

3: Our spiritual transformation problems By Robin Schumacher……Lack of spiritual transformation makes Christianity look weak and worthless.……While there is much debate in the Church on a variety of topics such as how the second coming of Christ will actually occur, on this matter, there seems to be universal agreement. Both Emerging Church leaders and conservative […]