I’m Having a Terrible Battle in My Mind I’m having a terrible battle in my mind. I know in my heart these terrible thoughts are lies, but getting it to my mind is hard to do. I have had thoughts of doubt, disbelief, and the devil has even questioned God’s holiness to my mind. About […]

“How Do I Deal With Emotional Doubt?” Hello Mr. Gleghorn, I was reading your web page about doubt and agree with all of it. However, I noticed you didn't cover the topic of emotional doubt. I have been a believer since 1994. If I examine any argument against God, I know the truth, yet I […]

My doubts scare me…Dear Sue Bohlin, Hello. My name is __________. I e-mailed Ray earlier too. Anyways, I was reading an e-mail discussion you had with somebody, who didn’t believe in God. You said something in it about how it’s not an intellect issue, but a heart issue. This is hard for me to accept. […]

Confident Belief Written by Rick Wade Introduction It’s hard to imagine how any Christian at any time in history could live life completely free from any doubts about the truth of the faith. Suffering, …Inconsistent behavior among Christians, …The attraction of the world, …Logicalfears–these things and others can lead us to question whether it’s all […]

I Struggle with Doubts Hello there – I have a question that I hope you can help me with. I am 38 years old and I have recently lost my second parent to cancer – and I am going through a time where I guess you could say I am re-evaluating my belief system. I […]

“How can I avoid being a doubting Thomas?”……Answer:We should thank God for the example of “doubting Thomas”! The famous story of the disciple Thomas, whose name literally means "doubter," is recorded inJohn 20:24-29. All Christians suffer doubt at one time or another, but the example of doubting Thomas provides both instruction and encouragement.……After His crucifixion […]

Dealing with Doubt in Our Christian Faith Michael Gleghorn points out that it is not having doubts about our Christian faith that is an issue, but rather how we respond to that doubt. Attacking this issue from a biblical worldview perspective, Michael helps us understand our doubts and respond to them as an informed Christian. […]