Feathered Dinosaur Debate Exhibits Young Earth Evidence by Brian Thomas, M.S. Fossil fibers found in China over a decade ago are believed by some to have come from "dinosaur feathers." It has been suggested that the fibers bolster the claim that birds evolved from dinosaurs. But a recent study calls the whole evolutionary paradigm into […]

Hadrosaur Soft Tissues Another Blow to Long-Ages Myth by Brian Thomas, M.S. * Recently-discovered dinosaur soft tissues, and even blood cells, represent some of the biggest hurdles for long-age evolutionary belief. Soft tissue was found in the femur of a large Tyrannosaurus rex about a decade ago, and more was discovered in another T. rex […]

“Did the Bible copy the Flood account from other myths and legends?”……Answer: It is true that the Genesis flood account shares many striking similarities with the Babylonian Gilgamesh epic, and with the Babylonian Atrahasis epic, for that matter. In fact, literally hundreds of flood traditions have been preserved all over the world, with traditions abounding […]

Exploring the Evidence for Creation: Reasons to Believe the Biblical Account by Henry Morris III, D.Min. * Does the God described in the Bible really exist? Is it plausible to believe that an omnipotent, omniscient being has existed eternally? And did that God really create everything in the universe? Or did everything that exists develop […]