“Who was Beelzebub?”……Answer: "Beelzebub" is the Greek form of the name "Baal-zebub," a pagan Philistine god worshiped in the ancient Philistine city of Ekron during the Old Testament times. It is a term signifying "the lord of flies" (2 Kings 1:2) One day Israel's new king, Ahaziah, fell through the latticework of an upper room […]

“Why is idol worship such a powerful temptation?”……Ultimately, the answer to this question is "sin." It is the sin nature of man which causes us to worship modern idols, all of which are, in reality, forms of self-worship (see Idols today). The temptation to worship ourselves in various ways is a powerful temptation indeed. In […]

“What is iconoclasm?”……Iconoclasm literally means "icon-breaking" which includes the religious as well as political destruction of images or monuments, usually-though not always-those of another religious group. Iconoclasm is frequently a component of major domestic political or religious changes. Iconoclasm is the belief that there should not be religious pictures or sacred images or religious monuments […]

“What is the definition of idolatry?”……The definition of idolatry, according to Webster, is "the worship of idols or excessive devotion to, or reverence for some person or thing." An idol is anything that replaces the one, true God. The most prevalent form of idolatry in Bible times was the worship of images that were thought […]

“Who was Asherah?”……Asherah, or Ashtoreth, was the name of the chief female deity worshiped in ancient Syria, Phoenicia, and Canaan. The Phoenicians called her Astarte, the Assyrians worshiped her as Ishtar, and the Philistines had a temple of Asherah (1 Samuel 31:10)10 They placed his armor in the temple of the Ashtoreths, and they fastened […]

“Who was Baal?”……Answer: Baal was the name of the supreme god worshiped in ancient Canaan and Phoenicia. The practice of Baal worship infiltrated Jewish religious life during the time of the Judges (Judges 3:7) 7 The Israelites did evil in the Lord's sight. They forgot about the Lord their God, and they served the images […]

“Who was Molech?”……As with much of ancient history, the exact origin of Molech is unclear. The term is believed to have originated with the Phoenician mlk, which meant a type of sacrifice made to confirm or acquit a vow. Melekh is the Hebrew word for king. It was common for the Israelites to combine the […]