Attributes of God Part of a series on Attributes of God in…Christian theology Aseity…Eternity…Graciousness…Holiness…Immanence…Immutability…Impassibility…Impeccability…Incorporeality…Jealousy…Love…Mission…Omnibenevolence…Omnipotence…Omnipresence…Omniscience…Oneness…Providence…Righteousness…Simplicity…Transcendence…Trinity…Veracity…Wrath v┬Àd┬Àe Main article: Attributes of God Classification Many Reformed theologians distinguish between the communicable attributes (those that human beings can also have) and the incommunicable attributes (those which belong to God alone).[11] Donald Macleod, however, argues that “All the suggested classifications […]

Awesome God……What if I said, “Stop praying”┬Ø? What if I told you to stop talking at God for a while, but instead to take a long, hard look at Him before you speak another word? Solomon warned us not to rush into God’s presence with words. That’s what fools do. And often, that’s what we […]

“What does it mean that God is holy, holy, holy?”……Answer: The phrase "holy, holy, holy" appears twice in the Bible, once in the Old Testament (Isaiah 6:3) and once in the New (Revelation 4:8). Both times, the phrase is spoken or sung by heavenly creatures and both times, it is revealed to us in the […]

“What are the attributes of God? What is God like?”……The Bible, God's Word, tells us what God is like and what He is not like. Without the authority of the Bible, any attempt to explain God's attributes would be no better than an opinion, which by itself is often incorrect, especially in understanding God (Job […]

Descriptive Attributes of God Acts 7:2, 55“This was Stephen's reply: "Brothers and fathers, listen to me. Our glorious God appeared to our ancestor Abraham in Mesopotamia before he settled in Haran. (Mesopotamia was the region now called Iraq. Haran was a city in what is now called Syria.)“ There are seven beautiful descriptive attributes of […]

God’s Attributes by Josh McDowellAlbum: Journey Towards God Today I want to talk about God. Who is God? Probably the most profound and the most misunderstood term in the world is the term for God. I am convinced that at the heart of most spiritual problems is the misconception of God. Much of religious heresy […]

“Can God sin? If God cannot sin, is He truly omnipotent?”……Answer: To answer this question, we must first consider who God is. The human mind, however, cannot adequately grasp who He is if it were not for the special revelations He has given us. One avenue of revelation is through God's creation (Psalm 19:1-6). Creation's […]