“What is the significance of the Babylonian Empire in biblical history?”……Babylon rose from a Mesopotamian city on the Euphrates River to become a powerful city-state and later the capital city and namesake of one of the greatest empires in history. The city was located on the eastern side of the Fertile Crescent about 55 miles […]

“What is the Abrahamic Covenant?”……Answer: A covenant is an agreement between two parties. There are two types of covenants: conditional and unconditional. A conditional or bilateral covenant is an agreement that is binding on both parties for its fulfillment. Both parties agree to fulfill certain conditions. If either party fails to meet their responsibilities, the […]

Amazing Bible prophecy coming true One out of every five verses in the Bible predicts the future. That makes the Bible unique. No other writings foretell what is to come in quite the same way. Certain Bible prophecies, such as those which predicted the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as those […]

“Who are the biblical patriarchs?”……Answer: The biblical patriarchs are the line of men God used to establish the nation of Israel. Perhaps the most well-known of the biblical patriarchs is Abraham, because from him all Israelites are descended. God made a covenant with him, promising that he would be "the father of many nations" (Genesis […]

“What does ‘communion of the saints’ mean in the ancient creeds?”……The word communion means "an act or instance of sharing." When the Apostles Creed speaks of the “communion of the saints” it is not just specifically referring to the Lord’s Supper/Holy Communion in which believers come together to remember Jesus' sacrifice through the bread and […]

“Did Jephthah sacrifice his daughter to the Lord?”……Answer: A judge of Israel, Jephthah, had made a foolish vow to the Lord that if God gave him victory in battle, he would sacrifice whatever first came out of his door when he came home (Judges 11:30-31). Jephthah's daughter was the first thing to come of out […]

Alarmageddon "Blow the trumpet in Zion; sound the alarm …"…Joel 2:1 I'm not waiting anxiously for the end of the world – although it is coming, but not this week and probably not this year. Jesus said He would return suddenly and unexpectedly…Matt 24:44… You also must be ready all the time, for the Son […]