GARY BERESFORD had no idea that Jesus was also the Jewish Messiah. Gary Beresford was born in South Africa to a Jewish family. When he married to start his own family, he moved to Zimbabwe. An avid tennis player, one of the first things he and his wife did was join the local Jewish country […]

68 Prophecies for Jesus Christ PROPHESIED IN THE OLD TESTAMENT FULFILLED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT As the Son of God (Ps. 2:7) Luke 1:32, 35 As the Seed of the woman (Gen. 3:15) Gal. 4:4 As the Seed of Abraham (Gen.17:7; 22:18) Gal. 3:16 As the Seed of Isaac (Gen. 21:22) Heb. 11:17-19 As the […]

Messianic Prophesies The Messianic Prophecy Bible will make reference to several dozen major, direct prophecies along with scores and scores of Messianic scriptures that include allusions, hints, types, foreshadowings, and Messianic clues in the Tanakh (Old Testament). Below is a list of major Messianic prophecies. We have not listed the rabbinical (anti-missionary) arguments of these […]