Are homosexuality and homosexual marriage moral issues? by Matt Slick Some people who approve of homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle have said that homosexuality and homosexual marriage are not moral issues.  Often, this is stated in an attempt to distance themselves from ethics and focus on the social and political agenda to promote homosexuality. Still, […]

Absolute Morality and Homosexuality by Nick Peters One of the most popular arguments for the existence of God is the moral argument.  It states that God alone makes sense of objective moral values, and since objective moral values exist, then God exists.  A large number of people today, including atheists and agnostics, believe in objective […]

A Church Confronts Sexual Sin by Spence Shelton Without question one of the dominating issues facing the church is sexual sin. It destroys marriages and families and festers in the dark corners of people’s lives for years. Here at the Summit, we are taking a collective stand against it next month. Our EQUIP ministry is […]

Jesus and Sexual Deviants by Ed Stetzer Jesus gives us a bold example of what it looks like to become salt and light to a sexually deviant world. This post is an excerpt from a longer article in the Assemblies of God Enrichment Journal. You can access the full article here.  What would Jesus do? The […]

7 Steps to Avoid Sexual Sin and Stay in Ministry by Dustin Neeley When was the last time you stopped to remind yourself of the battle we are fighting? A good friend of mine disqualified himself from ministry due to an inappropriate relationship with a woman in his church. While the need for vigilance in […]

7 Things to Know About Sexual Sin in the Church by Perry Noble   The costs of concealment are far greater than the costs of confession and repentance. For the past two weeks at NewSpring Church, we dove into the subject of sexual sin IN the church (based on the fact that Jesus rebukes two […]

“What does the Bible say about overcoming lust?”……Most words in the Bible that are translated “lust” mean “a passionate desire.” Strong desire can be either good or bad, depending upon the object of that desire and the motive behind it. God created the human heart with the capacity for passionate desire so that we would […]