As jyiemandna die Here geleihetwatnou?(lesing 22.3.1995) Diepersoonwatjygehelphetom ÔÇÿnoorgawetemaak,toehy, sy hart aan die Here gegeehet,hetditnietedankeaanjougoeiekennis van die woord of jougaweom die blyeboodskapoortedranie. Jy was net die kanaal, die instrument wat God gebruikhetom tot hom/haardeurtedring. God hetjougebruikomdatjygehoorsaam en beskikbaar was omdie regteboodskap, op die regtetyd, aan die regtepersoonoortedra. Die Heilige Gees was elkeoomblikdaar,Hyhetjougehelp en bygestaansodatjy: die regte […]

10 Things nobodytold me about Being a Small Groups leader 1. Not everybody will like you. Especially when you tell them, "I don't have a small group for you right now." Or "No, we don't have that kind of group." Or, "I'm sorry that small group life is difficult." Or, "Ouch…she said that in your […]

“Why is ‘accepting Christ’ mentioned in evangelism when it is not in the Bible?”……Ever since the New Testament era, Christians have found the need to coin new terms to simplify or explain various doctrines. We reference the Trinity and the protoevangelium, although neither term occurs in the Bible. While "accepting Christ" is not a phrase […]

Congratulationson beginning a relationship with God. When you asked Jesus into yourlife, you began the most valuable relationship a person could have. The night that I asked Jesus into my life, I knew it was a big decision. I had been a skeptic for years. To speak out loud, into the air, and talk to […]

Selgroep les. 1 7.5.2002 "Back slide" of omAftedwaal Onsbevindons so baie male , naby God dansomsver van Homaf GrootEvangeliste of Predikantedwaalaf , Jimmy Swaggartonsvradan die vraag ,"wie is volgende?" danantwoordons "nieeknie!" Onthou die Waarskuwing in 1Kor. 10:12 Spr. 16:18 Ons word vas gehoudeur die genade van God . Hykanditdoen . Maar as onsdoelbewusSygenade en hulpwegwys […]

“How can I become a child of God?”……Answer: "Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God" (John 1:12).……"You must be born again"……When visited by the religious leader, Nicodemus, Jesus did not immediately assure him of heaven. Instead, Christ said, "I tell […]

Can a Christian ever lose their salvation? First of all, the Bible clearly teaches that God is the judge, not us. Typically when someone asks this question it is in regards to someone else, not themselves. And, though I'll give you what I see in Scripture, it is not our role to judge or condemn […]