Should you be Agnostic?……By Robin Schumacher Thomas Henry Huxley was an English biologist who was nicknamed “Darwin‘s Bulldog” for his staunch support of Darwin‘s theory of evolution. Huxley is also credited with coining the term “agnostic”. Following in his footsteps, his grandson Julian Huxley wrote the following about when a person should assume a position […]

What is Agnosticism?”……Agnosticism is the view that the existence of God is impossible to be known or proven. The word "agnostic" essentially means "without knowledge." Agnosticism is a more intellectually honest form of atheism. Atheism claims that God does not exist-an unprovable position. Agnosticism argues that God's existence cannot be proven or unproven, that it […]

“What is agnosticism?”… Theists believe that God exists. AtheistsClaims that God does not exist-an improvable position. They don't believe that the evidence for God is conclusive and some believe that there is evidence against the existence of God Agnostics believe that we should not believe or disbelieve in God's existence, because it is impossible to […]

What is Apathetic Agnosticism? Apathetic agnosticism is not knowing if any gods exist or not and also not caring if any gods exist or not. Agnosticism by itself only deals with knowledge and doesn’t imply whether an agnostic cares about the existence of gods or not. So, what is the definition of agnosticism? Some imagine […]

Agnosticism more info There are many misconceptions about agnosticism, agnostics, and the reasons why anyone would adopt a position of agnosticism in the first place. This is unfortunate, because whether agnosticism is conceived of as a philosophy or simply an isolated position on the existence of gods, it is eminently reasonable and defensible. There are […]