“What is the MillennialKingdom, and should it be understood literally?”……The millennial kingdom is the title given to the 1000-year reign of Jesus Christ on the earth. Some seek to interpret the 1000 years in an allegorical manner. They understand the 1000 years as merely a figurative way of saying "a long period of time," not […]

What is Amillennialism? What is the amillennial view of the end times?……In the book of Isaiah, there is a poetic and famous passage about a period of time in the history of the world that is known as The Millennium ├ö├ç├┤ a time of unprecedented peace on the earth, with Jesus Christ as King. The […]

“What is premillennialism (Chiliasm)?”……Premillennialism is the view that Christ's second coming will occur prior to His millennial kingdom, and that the millennial kingdom is a literal 1000-year reign of Christ on earth. In order to understand and interpret the passages in Scripture that deal with end-times events, there are two things that must be clearly […]

“What is dispensational premillennialism / premillennialdispensationalism?”……Premillennialism as a system is primarily based on a literal method of biblical interpretation. The main premise of premillennialism is that Jesus will literally return to the earth before (pre) the millennium begins and that He himself will inaugurate and rule over it. Premillennialists can be divided into two groups […]

“What is historic premillennialism?”……Historic premillennialism and dispensational premillennialism are two very different systems of eschatology. Here are just a few examples of the many differences between the two:……├ö├ç├│ Historic premillennialism taught that the church was in the fore-vision of Old Testament prophecy, while dispensationalism teaches that the church is hardly, if at all, mentioned by […]

Amillennialism – What is it? Amillennialism is one of the many views regarding the Millennial Kingdom-the thousand-year reign of Christ during the end times. The names of these beliefs (including premillennialism and postmillennialism) do not refer to when the Millennial Kingdom will occur, but to when Christ will return to earth in relation to the […]

“What is amillennialism?”……Amillennialism is the name given to the belief that there will not be a literal 1000-year reign of Christ. The people who hold to this belief are called amillennialists. The prefix "a-" in amillennialism means "no" or "not." Hence, "amillennialism" means "no millennium." This differs from the most widely accepted view called premillennialism […]