Christian fasting – what does the Bible say?    … …Question: “Christian fasting – what does the Bible say?”……Answer: Scripture does not command Christians to fast. God does not require or demand it of Christians. At the same time, the Bible presents fasting as something that is good, profitable, and beneficial. The book of Acts […]

“What is expiation?”……Answer: The word “expiation” does not appear in the New Testament, but it does accurately describe an aspect of the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf. Expiation means “to cover sin” and/or “to cleanse sin.” Expiation reflects the idea that the negative and degrading effects of our sin are removed through the grace […]

  “How could David be considered a man after God’s own heart?”……Answer: To understand why David was a man after God’s own heart, we need to see what characteristics he had to qualify for such an exalted description. In the book of Acts the Apostle Paul is speaking before the men of Israel and he […]

“Is Romans 7:14-25 describing a believer or an unbeliever?”……Romans 7:14-25 is a passage that has caused some confusion among Bible students because of the strong language Paul uses to describe himself. How can the greatest of the Apostles characterize himself, and by extension, all Christians, as “unspiritual,” a “slave to sin” and a “prisoner of […]

Selgroep les. 1 7.5.2002   “Back slide” of omAftedwaal   Onsbevindons so baie male , naby God dansomsver van Homaf Groot Evangeliste of Predikante dwaal af , Jimmy Swaggart ons vra dan die vraag ,”wie is volgende?” dan antwoord ons “nie ek nie!”   Onthou die Waarskuwing in 1Kor. 10:12 Spr. 16:18 Ons word vas […]

“Does the Bible record the death of the apostles? How did each of the apostles die?”……Answer: The only apostle whose death the Bible records is James (Acts 12:2). King Herod had James “put to death with the sword,” likely a reference to beheading. The circumstances of the deaths of the other apostles are related through […]

Luk. 22:19 Jesus hetgesedatSyliggaamonss’n is Hyhetgely en Syliggaamaan die kruislaatbreekvirons Datonsdaarnamoetkyk as onseiebesitting Deursyliggaamaanonste gee, geeHyHomselfaanons En Sybegeerte is datonsditsalontvang Die Nagmaal is ‘n gemeenskap met HomwaarHy gee en onsontvang ‘n Geseendegawe , ‘n geskenk van Homaanons –gegee Onsmaakdit‘n geseendeontvangswatonskry en neem Sooswat God gee so moetonsookneem Wat gee Hy ? Syliggaam en Sybloed AlleswatHyhet, […]