“What is the meaning of Lent?”……Lent is a period of fasting and repentance traditionally observed by Catholics and some Protestant denominations in preparation for Easter. The length of the Lenten fast was established in the 4th century as 40 days. During this time, participants eat sparingly or simply give up a particular food or habit. […]

“Are we all God’s children, or only Christians?”……The Bible is clear that all people are God’s creation (Colossians 1:16), and that God loves the entire world (John 3:16), but only those who are born again are children of God (John 1:1211:52Romans 8:161 John 3:1-10).……In Scripture, the lost are never referred to as children of God. […]

Can one who commits suicide be saved? Exodus 20:13Acts 24:15Romans 5:2-52 Corinthians 1:10…Code: QA143 Suicide is a grave sin equivalent to murder (Exodus 20:1321:23), but it can be forgiven like any other sin. And Scripture says clearly that those redeemed by God have been forgiven for all their sins–past, present, and future (Colossians 2:13-14). Paul […]

“Can a person be born gay?”……Answer: In 1996, The Advocate, a gay and lesbian magazine, asked readers what they believed the potential impact would be to the advancement of gay and lesbian rights if a scientific discovery is made that proves a biological basis for homosexuality. About 61 percent of the magazine readers asserted that […]

“Is burial the only option a Christian can consider?”……Answer: The Bible doesn’t give instructions on how a body should be handled after death. In the cultures of Bible times, burial in a tomb, cave, or in the ground was the common way to dispose of a human body (Genesis 23:1935:42 Chronicles 16:14Matthew 27:60-66). The most […]

Beyond sight Are you healthy? Will you live to 80 or 90 or more? It is as nothing. Compared to eternity your life is like a grain of sand on all the beaches of the world. Less, in fact. In a heartbeat it will be over. Like a puff of smoke in the wind. If […]

“What is Arianism?”……Answer: Arianism is named for Arius, a teacher in the early 4th century A.D. One of the earliest and probably the most important item of debate among early Christians was the subject of Christ’s deity. Was Jesus truly God in the flesh or was Jesus a created being? Was Jesus God or just […]