The Atrakhasis Epic Spelt many different ways, the Atra-Hasis Epic is a Mesopotamian ancient record of Creation and the Flood dating from the seventeenth century BC, named after Atrahasis the “exceedingly wise” figure of narrative. It is of interest, particularly to biblical archaeologists, as there are similarities with the record of Creation and the Flood […]

“What is the Christian view of Tai Chi (TaiChi)?” Tai Chi is more specifically called Tai Chi Chuan, which can be translated as “supreme ultimate force.” Tai Chi is a martial art, though it’s often called a “moving meditation” since the movements are done slowly and deliberately, and it is taught more as a meditative […]

“What is the Adamic covenant?”……Answer: The Adamic Covenant can be thought of in two parts: the Edenic Covenant (innocence) and the Adamic Covenant (grace). The Edenic Covenant is found in Genesis 1:26-302:16-17. The details of this covenant include the following:……Mankind (male and female) created in God’s image.…Mankind’s dominion (rule) over the animal kingdom.…Divine directive for […]

“What is a threshing floor?”……There are dozens of references to the “threshing floor” in the Bible, some literal and some symbolic. In biblical days there was no machinery, so after the harvest, the grain was separated from the straw and husks by beating it manually. First there had to be a flat surface which was […]

“What was the biblical role of the high priest?”……The high priest was the supreme religious leader of the Israelites. The office of the high priest was hereditary and was traced from Aaron, the brother of Moses, of the Levite tribe (Leviticus 21:102 Chronicles 19:11). The high priest had to be “whole” physically (without any physical […]

“What are the lost books of the Bible?”……There are no “lost books” of the Bible, or books that were taken out of the Bible, or books missing from the Bible. Every book that God intended and inspired to be in the Bible is in the Bible. There are many legends and rumors of lost books, […]

“Unitarian Universalism?”……Unitarian Universalism is a fairly small, yet widely influential, cult. Having some 300,000 registered members, mostly in the United States, they are becoming more and more popular. Relativism, tolerance, and alternative lifestyles are all buzz words used by Unitarian Universalism.……The Unitarian Universalist name comes from their denial of the doctrine of the Trinity and […]