8th December 2016


Terah, Tarah, Thara [TÔöÇ├┤’rah,TÔöÇ├╝’ra, ThÔöÇ├╝’rÔöÇ├ó]wild goat or turning, wandering.A son of Nahor and father of Abraham and ancestor of Christ (Gen. 11:24-32Josh. 24:21 Chron. 1:26Luke 3:34). See Numbers 33:27, 28.

The Man Who Died Half Way

Along with his three sons, Abraham, Nahor and Haran, Terah migrated from Ur of the Chaldees to Haran, where he died. The reference to him serving other gods led some of the Jewish Fathers to think of Terah as a maker of idols (Josh. 24:2). Why did Terah die at Haran? Was it not his intention to go to Canaan (Gen. 11:31, 32)?

It was God's purpose to separate Abraham from his kindred (Gen. 12:1), but Terah and Lot left with him, an exodus, perhaps, Abraham could not prevent. Lot, although he reached Canaan, was a constant grief to his uncle. The death of Terah seems to suggest that complete separation unto God often means the severance of some of earth's dearest ties. Terah is also a type of many who step out for Christ but whose hopes of discipleship die half way. Beginning in the Spirit they end in the flesh. Halfway converts never make wholehearted saints. Are you at Haran, or is yours the joy of living in Canaan?

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