8th December 2016

What Do I Do Now

What do I do now, now that I have seen the lightSermon on30.11.2002

Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior ?

  • If you are a child of God already then you have made your choice 1Joh.5:11-13
  • If you have not made the commitment then you have two choices Matt.25:46
  • If you have not made the commitment and you die then it is to late Dan.12:2
  • You can choose between Heaven and Hell ├ö├ç├┤ who's Heaven and who's Hell ├ö├ç├┤ they both belong to God
  • If your name is not in the Book of life then you will be hurled into the lake of fire Rev.20:15
  • Then it will be too late you can't change it, Luk 13:23-28. Luk 16:19-31
  • Jesus made a promise before He went back to heaven, that He will return someday, but why is He taking so long ?

  • Jesus will come as He promised Mat. 24: 30 & 31
  • Unbelievers will say " What about Jesus and His promise ?" 2Pet.3: 3&4
  • Why is He taking His time ? 2Pet.3: 9&15
  • He loves us so much and wishes all to be saved 1Tim 2:3&4
  • Can we predict that day ?

  • When is that day? Only God Himself knows the time and day 2Pet. 3:10 ,
  • We must be ready and make sure that our loved ones are ready Luk 17:20-37
  • God has a plan for our salvation – Jesus – Acts 17:30
  • How do we fit into God's plan ?

  • We were born for one reason only ├ö├ç├┤ To glorify and exalt our God (Parker pen story)
  • We have the "Owners Handbook for our life " ├ö├ç├┤ The Bible
  • We must grow spiritually

    How do I start ?

  • Tell people about your new life ├ö├ç├┤ (Story of the passenger in the train)
  • Begin to live your life according to the word (Story of the court case)
  • The joy you have in spite of what you are going through ├ö├ç├┤ your circumstances
  • People must see the change in you ├ö├ç├┤ Francis of Assisi said "Go out and preach the Gospel and if all else fails ├ö├ç├┤ speak ( Story of the campus Christians)
  • How do you react when the world expects from you to do otherwise
  • The way you speak ├ö├ç├┤ make a point not to use bad language
  • The way you treat other people ├ö├ç├┤ like you would have them treat you
  • The way you help others ├ö├ç├┤ to give is better than to receive
  • The way you tolerate nagging issues ├ö├ç├┤ the fruit of the spiritGal 5:22
  • Start learning about Jesus ├ö├ç├┤ You will begin to want to know more ├ö├ç├┤ develop a hunger for the Word and then you'll want to tell people about the Good News. ( story of my first evangelical experience),
  • We must be obedient to His word and complete the great commission Mat 24:31, Mark 16:15, Luk 24:45-47
  • We must tell others the Good News ├ö├ç├┤ Jesus uses our mouths for His work Mark 16:15 Luk 24:47 . If one new person accepts Jesus as his savior then there is great joy in Heaven Luk 15:8-10
  • We must be part of the solution , not part of the problem !
  • Teach others so that they can intern teach others 2 Tim. 1:2 & 7
  • His Word teaches us that :

  • We are the salt of the earth ( Give people salt , make them thirsty) Luk 5:13
  • We are the light of the world (Shine the light so all can see, don't hide it) Luk 5:14-16
  • The Word shows us the way (Light in the dark room story)Ps119:105
  • We must sow the seed . (Some one else will water it ) 1Kor.3:6
  • Shine our lights so that He can be glorifiedMat.5:16
  • As a Christian I ought to:

  • Do as the Bible says.
  • Learn what it teaches
  • Believe what it promises
  • Trust the Holy Spirit always to help us in doing so.(Story about Alwyn)
  • Gradually grow stronger & stronger and gather more courage
  • Tell people about it
  • Give God all the glory
  • As a Christian you have a responsibility to unbelievers

    When you get to Heaven one day God will not ask you to explain the sin you committed on 1 November 2002. no He will ask you only one thing " My child what did you do for Me ?" and if you did nothing then you will have to please explain why not.(The story of the couple that wasted their lives)

    "God created us to live with a single passion: to joyfully display His supreme excellence in all spheres of life. A wasted life is the life without this passion. God calls us to pray and think and dream and plan and work not to be made much of for our selves, but to make much of Him in every part of out lives".

    Most people slip by in life without a passion for God, spending their lives on trivial diversions, living for comfort and pleasure and perhaps trying to avoid sin. Don't get caught up ina life that counts for nothing. I challenge you to live and die boasting in the cross of Jesus and making the glory of God your singular passion. Live for Christ and don't waste you life.!!

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