12th December 2016

Pain Allowed By God

Why does God allow pain?

Q: “Why must there be pain? I question why God lets people go through physical pain.”

We’re not sure that God gives an answer to your question in the Bible. We don’t think He gives an explicit answer to the “why” He allows certain things to happen at this time.

It’s quite possible that He will explain all of that at a later time, possibly at judgement. But even with certain questions unanswered, He still seems to think He’s given us enough answers to turn to Him and seek Him in humility and truth.

We do not think that people will be able to say, at judgement — “I would have believed in You were it not for pain, suffering, evil!” We don’t think that will wash with Him. He knows what He’s doing. If He is silent about something, He has taken that into account.

However, after having said that, here’s a few things to consider. One is Jesus Christ. When God took on flesh, He did not refuse to suffer pain. He endured pain and suffering. Certainly that must mean something in the whole scheme of things.

Second is that Jesus says that His kingdom is not of this world. God loved the world by sending His Word (Jesus) into the world. But He is not fond of the world or how it operates (the selfishness, sin, the harm that people do to others and to themselves). God loves His world that’s coming, where there is no more mourning, crying, death or pain. That’s His kingdom.

Third, God alone is good. So however we might view things, we do not know the full story if our perspective is causing us to think ill of God. He is perfect. He is perfectly fair. He is good. The way He is doing things is the right and good way, even if we do not fully comprehend His ways.

Jesus said in this world you will have difficulties. He made that statement to people who were going to be hated for His name’s sake (hated for believing in Him). But Jesus also added this: “These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”1

God has not left us alone in this world. We have not been abandoned by Him. For an article that explains what we can count on God for, in the midst of suffering, please see: Where is God in the Midst of Tragedy?

  • John 16:33

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