12th December 2016

Assurance Of Salvation Certificate

ASSURANCE OF SALVATIONI………………Declare that I believe in Jesus Christ

I Asked Him to come into my life

I now have eternal life

I am saved

My sins are forgiven

I have proof that it’s true because it is written in the Bible Joh.5:24 * Acts.13:39 * Luke 7:48 * Rom.10:13 * 1Joh.5:10-13

I BELIEVE the Bible is the True Word of God, and I trustHis Word.

I amsure and absolutely confident that I am saved for time and eternity, and should I suddenlydie today I would go immediately to heaven,because I amnow one of God’schildren.


I possesssalvation; thereforeI have eternal life,Joh.3:36

Eternal life is the Life of God, It is divine Life,

Joh.10:28,29Joh.11:25,261Joh.5:10-13Joh.17:2-91Cor.15:12-58 Rev.21:4

As God’s child I will not rely on feeling, because I do not have to feel it,I know it

I BELIEVE The witness of the Holy Spirit Rom.8:14-16 The Holy Spirit agreeswith my spirit and The Holy Spirit convinced me before I was saved of my sin, of righteousness and of the judgement to come,

Now the voice of the Holy Spirit has changed. He speaks peace to my soul, Grants me inner peace and confirms that I belong to Jesus Gal.4:6

He gently whispers to my spirit that I am His child now.

If the devil tempts me to doubt, I will put my finger on 1Joh.5:10-13read it out loud for him to hear,James 4:7 saysHe will then flee from me

I BELIEVE My life have been changed because,eople see the change in me 1Jon.3:14 * 1Joh.3:9

I am a new creature in JesusChrist 2Cor.5:17I have new affections, new likes, new dislikes, new loves, new hatreds,new habits,


Lord please search my heart * See if I possess salvation * See if I am truly saved * See If Jesus truly lives inside me * Help me never to doubt Your Word *

O Lord take away false security *

I want to know the truth


I will always remember that The Holy Spirit searches my heart.

Since I have Assurance of salvation the Spiritwill make me a stronger Christian

Assurance is not a principle orpride; it is trusting in the Word of God

My salvation leaves me humble;this can only be done by God’s grace and mercy

I realize that it is faith that honours, pleases and rejoices God’s heart Heb.11:6

This gift of faith that God gave me comforts me and allows me to be:

Sure of the things I hope for and certain of the things I cannot see.Heb.11:1


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